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UK Government remains uncertain over Covid vaccine passports

So far, almost 17 million people have been vaccinated in the UK.

The UK government is still debating whether or not to implement a Covid vaccine passport which would allow people to travel abroad once they have had the jab.

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi, had ruled out the use of a vaccine passport, calling it ‘discriminatory’.

He argues that with a vaccine passport, sections of the public who cannot take the vaccine, would not be able to do basic things, like travel abroad or go to events.

But, some government ministers are pushing for a form of vaccine passport that will attempt to get people back to work and get the economy up and running again.

Dr Nigel Jarvis, a senior tourism lecturer at the University of Brighton, spoke on the potential of a vaccine passport, saying: “The UK has more people leaving the UK than coming in, so you would think a large majority of people would be in favour”.

Most countries who are relying on the vaccine passport are desperately trying to get their tourism industries back, with many of them relying on the income generated from international tourism.

Dr Nigel Jarvis on countries considering vaccine passports.

Given the steady vaccine rollout across the world, many are hoping that within a few years, tourism will return back to pre-Covid levels.

Denmark and Israel are two of the main nations who are working to create a viable vaccine passport, in hopes that travellers will begin to feel safe to travel again.

Nadia Filt, a spokesperson for the Danish Ministry of Finance, said: “A digital corona passport could be used as one of many tools in a gradual and safe re-opening of society, as long as the public health situation allows it.”

The Danish Covid vaccine passport, which they will hope leads them back to normal life.

In the meantime, travel corridors are starting to open, most notably between New Zealand and Australia, two countries which have so far successfully navigated their way around the pandemic.

Some experts have predicted that tourism and general travel will continue to be affected until 2024.


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