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The love triangle – pandemics, working from home and casual wear

Just as more classical and chic styles for dressing up were coming back, a pandemic hit society. Suits and dresses had to take a step back as more attention was given to neutral-colored lounge and streetwear. This year, consumers sought ways to feel better in their work from home fashion, therefore brands keep trying to create new collections to fit into the new luxury of loungewear as a means to attract buyers.

In the past year, we have witnessed Pangaia, a company striving to save the environment by using products with smart technology and recyclable elements, experience a surge in popularity across the fashion world. People around the world have given in to the craziness surrounding color-blocked tracksuits that the brand offers in different collections. Each celebrates an environmental cause, whether it is saving the Amazon rainforest, Oceans or deserts.

Kim Kardashian West has also seen more success in her new brand Skims after she started producing products blending shapewear and luxury together in order to create the perfect comfortable look to lounge around at home. 

Casual streetwear is on the rise in the fashion world. Hailey Bieber, the Jenner sisters and many other celebrities have proved that there are many ways to styling a simple outfit while remaining comfortable. Amanda Bertho, a fashion model from Dubai absolutely loves this style and admits to wearing it most days. “It’s super comfy and classy while being sexy, I love that”, she said. 

As countries have been going into a second lockdown, people have learned to adopt a proactive attitude to enhancing their quality of life and surrender to comfort on a daily basis. 

Daniya Zhulamanova has taken the time to create her own brand in 2020– Dini Vision, with the vision of a minimalistic but sexy look, and the intention of being able to wear it in and out of the house easily.

She believes that nowadays neutral-colored wear is more adapted around the world: “Even if u keep only neutral colors it can turn out awesome, but I personally like to always spice it up.  It’s all about experimenting and being brave, sometimes I can stand next to my wardrobe for hours to reach my creativity”. 

We can also notice that alongside loungewear, streetwear is the perfect off-duty look, and can even develop to appear in the office scene. However, the creator of Dini Vision says: “Casual streetwear is inappropriate in the office environment” and that although streetwear is more about baggy clothes, mixing and matching with tighter clothes is best as she feels that “women should be feminine and sexy”. 

On the other hand, Massimiliano Mastrangelo, creator of Lisianthus Roma, is a firm believer that streetwear is dying even during the pandemic: “Consumers of high-end streetwear are in my opinion more on the tacky side of fashion”.  

Massimiliano, who’s day to day style is very minimalistic believes that today there is more of a “prevalence of neutral colors as we are moving towards a more minimal and easy wearing look. We are staying home, not going to parties, restaurants or places, wearing comfy clothes is just better, loungewear is the new IT fashion”.

As we are staying home for the next month, a few pairs of sweatpants and oversized cardigans would not hurt anyone’s wardrobe or sanity. Here are a few looks to shop for over the next few weeks, as you become a part of the “Netflix and chill” generation and the rise of loungewear. 

Zara women casual wear
H&M worm hooded powdered pink top


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